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Poker [card game]


This is a poker game. Poker is popular card game from the old days.
This app is a simple poker to play with ease.
By all means, please try to play.
■ Rules of poker When the user selects the BET, five cards are dealt to the user.
Playing cards were distributed can be replaced up to 2 times.
If you want to replace the card, select the card you want to exchange, and then press the DRAW button.
If you want to game, and press the button SHOWDOWN.
If you won the game,the score is added.
If you lose the game, you lose score.
■Score ·Royal Straight Flush: 5000 * BET ·Straight flush: 100 * BET ·Four card: 25 * BET ·Full House: 15 * BET ·Flash: 10 * BET ·Straight: 7 * BET ·Three-card: 4 * BET ·Two Pairs: 2 * BET ·One Pair: 1 * BET